Administrative Services Officer II, City of Grand Rapids

Published Nov 3, 2020

Nature of Work

This position serves as a representative of the City for all local taxing districts and serves as an advisor to the Economic Development Department, Treasures Office and the City Manager’s Office. This position serves as the tax increment financing expert for the City and acts as a manager for each business operation of each taxing district approving all spending and creating revenue forecasts.

  • Provides fiduciary oversight to all of the City's building, economic development and downtown development authorities, districts and corporations
  • Issues debt to finance capital projects or to refund earlier bond issues; manages the City's portfolio of existing debt
  • Plans, assigns and directs the financial activities of City departments as it relates to planning for financial and economic analysis, tax increment and other revenue, management, financial studies and organizational analysis
  • Assists in formulation and implementation of policies, initiatives, financial and budgetary matters; meets with department heads and other city staff; provides follow through action; serves as liaison with departments and agencies
  • Updates sections of the City’s 5-Year Fiscal Plan document
  • Assists with financial management system implementation
  • Serves on a variety of City teams related to financial matters; assists with establishment, revision and monitoring of assessed fee structures of City departments
  • Works with the public and government officials regarding the City’s Renaissance Zone tax exemption program
  • Performs related work as required

For more information and to apply, visit Applications are due by November 17, 2020.