Organizational Biography

Who We Are

  • The Michigan Government Finance Officers Association (MGFOA) is the premier organization of financial and accounting professionals dedicated to the sound management of local governmental financial resources. The MGFOA provides expertise, education and support on financial matters to the state and its counties, cities, townships, villages, libraries and other local units of government.
  • The MGFOA is affiliated with the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA).

What We Do

The MGFOA brings together top professionals with expertise in the areas of Accounting Standards, Budgeting, Cash and Investments, Employee Compensation and Benefits, Debt Management, Risk Management, and Internal Controls in order to:
  • Foster excellence and professionalism in accounting and financial reporting
  • Monitor, review and comment on GASB standard setting documents
  • Advocate sound financial practices for local governments
  • Coordinate educational programs at a reasonable cost
  • Analyze current topics through committee discussion
  • Foster career development through mentoring, education and scholarship
  • Provide a medium for exchange of experiences and knowledge
  • Review and recommend positions on legislation affecting local units of government
  • Draft and seek legislative sponsorship of proposed bills important to sound financial practices in the state and local communities
  • Advise and assist the State and other organizations on topics affecting governmental financial resources
  • Provide support, educational information, and outreach to users of financial information – Managers, Mayors, Supervisors, Council, Commission and Board members
  • Communicate important information to members

How We Work

  • Monitor and respond to current events through committee activities:
    Accounting Standards - Professional Development - Technology Resource - Legislative - Mentoring & Membership - Intergovernmental Cooperation – Strategic Planning
  • Communicate to members through the web site, newsletters, electronic forums
  • Educate through classes, seminars and conferences
  • Exchange information through our electronic forums:
    Best Practices Q&A – Revenue Opportunities – Cost Control – Compliance - Budgeting & Performance Management – General – Session/Conference Suggestions
  • Network through our front porch forum, conferences and other events
  • Recognize excellence in budgeting and financial reporting by presenting GFOA certificates to the governing body of the governmental unit

Success Stories


  • Host an annual Fall Conference and Spring Seminar covering important topics including GASB updates.
  • Support an annual ‘Back to Basics’ educational series with certificates of completion awarded to successful participants.
  • Provide a rotating schedule of 5 advanced accounting courses – Accounting, Payroll & Labor Issues, Budgeting & Forecasting, Debt Management, Cash Management.
  • Developed financial presentation for the Michigan Municipal League elected official training program.


  • Drafted and initiated passage of revisions to Public Act 20 in 1996 limiting investment vehicles to those meeting certain safety standards and requiring the adoption of written investment policies by all governing bodies in the state.
  • Assisted the Department of Treasury in the revisions to the Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act (P.A. 2 of 1968) in 1996.
  • Drafted and initiated passage of Public Act 149 of 1999 allowing a public corporation to establish and pre-fund a public employee retiree health care fund.
  • Advised the Michigan Senate Finance Committee in the writing of the Municipal Finance Act (P.A. 34 of 2001).
  • Drafted and initiated passage of a bill to allow electronic transfer of funds by local municipalities for payments of bills and lease agreements (P.A. 738 of 2002).

Benefits to You

  • Cost effective continuing education credits
  • Knowledge of state and local issues
  • Increased ability to soundly manage financial resources
  • Enhanced financial reporting skills
  • Professional networking with public and private sector peers