MTO Updates & Webinar

Published May 8, 2020

Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) Enhancements

The Michigan Department of Treasury would like to share the following improvements to the online filing portal.
These changes take effect on May 8, 2020.

  • Sales, Use, and Withholding (SUW) Tax Service: Required Returns Table
  • SUW Tax Service: Monthly/Quarterly Worksheet Embedded in MTO Returns
  • New Tax Service: Marihuana Retailer Excise Tax

Full Release Details: MTO Communication Release May 8, 2020

Want More?

Join the our first "after hours" Business Tax and MTO webinar! 
During this webinar, business tax basics, SUW filing and payment rules, and what's new in MTO will be covered - featuring a live demonstration. Click Register Here for more details and to sign up for the event. 

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