Pardee/MGFOA Student Scholarship

In July 2019 the MGFOA Board passed a resolution establishing the Jeffrey C. and Mary W. Pardee/MGFOA Scholarship Award Program for Upper Class Men and Women enrolled at Eastern Michigan University-College of Arts and Sciences-Department of Political Science.  This award will be issued annually at the MGFOA Spring Seminar beginning in Spring 2022.

Honorary Life Member Jeffrey C. Pardee with the Lenawee Community Foundation, located in Adrian, Michigan and provides for a scholarship award of $10,000, to be awarded to an Eastern Michigan University undergraduate or graduate student who has committed to enrolling in one of several Major Courses of study offered by the Department of Political Science, with the Award distributed in two $5,000 annual installments to help defray expenses for tuition, fees and books.

Students interested in this scholarship must meet the following minimum requirements, are selected by the EMU Political Science Department and approved by the MGFOA Board of Directors.

  • Recipient must be a Michigan resident, as documented by a Michigan Driver’s License, voter registration, or equivalent proof of residence;
  • Recipient must be an EMU student in good standing to obtain the scholarship and continue that status through the award of the second installment;
  • Recipient must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher throughout undergraduate school or a 3.0 GPA in graduate school, for the duration of the award;
  • Recipient must submit an Application for Scholarship, accompanied by two letters of recommendation, in preparation for his/her Junior or year of matriculation for graduate students;
  • Recipient must become a student member of the MGFOA if awarded the scholarship;
  • Recipient must submit a personal narrative statement (two pages in length) that addresses the following question: What career goals will you endeavor to pursue, and consistent with the MGFOA Mission Statement, why is an appreciation and understanding of public finance essential to achieving those goals?
  • Recipient must be enrolled in one of the following Major courses of study in the Department of Political Science:
    • Public and Non-Profit Administration or Political Science
    • Combined Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Master’s of Public Administration Degree
    • Combined Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Master’s of Public Administration Degree
    • Master’s of Public Administration Degree
    • Any Future Curriculum Offering Major Studies in the field of Public Administration/Finance