Past Presidents

These are the members who have proudly served as MGFOA President. We thank them for their service.

2018-19 David Keenan, Assistant City Manager, City of Midland
2017-18 Tamar Lewis, Retired, City of Flint
2016-17 Catherine McClary, Treasurer, Washtenaw County
2015-16 Christa McLellan, Deputy CFO/Treasurer, City of Detroit
2014-15 Ed Sell Jr., Assistant City Manager/Finance Director, City of Monroe
2013-14 Tom Skrobola, City of Kalamazoo
2012-13 Karen Lancaster, City of Ann Arbor
2011-12 Luke Huelskamp, Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Michigan
2010-11 Leslie D. Reinhart, Controller, City of Sterling Heights
2009-10 Jeffrey Budd, City Manager, City of Coldwater
2008-09 Larry D. Gordier, Deputy Finance Director, City of Eastpointe
2007-08 Thelma Kubitskey, Assistant Township Manager/Finance Director, Northville Charter Township
2006-07 Bethany Smith, Treasurer, City of Grand Blanc
2005-06* Michael D. O'Connell, Finance Director, Wayne County
2004-05 Susan G. Hendricks, Director of Finance, Independence Charter Township
2003-04 Timothy J. Soave, Manager Fiscal Services, Oakland County
2002-03 John H. Ogden, Director of Finance, Port Huron
2001-02 Carla E. Sledge, Chief Deputy Financial Officer, Wayne County
2000-01 Cynthia A. Shane, Treasurer, Fenton
1999-00 Kathy A. Smith-Roy, Finance Director, Novi
1998-99* Timothy P. Haney, Director of Finance, St. Clair Shores
1997-98 Virginia W. Fette, Finance Director, Sterling Heights
1996-97 Rick J. Sanborn, Finance Director, Mount Pleasant
1995-96 Jeffrey C. Pardee, Deputy Director, Management and Budget, Oakland County
1994-95 R. Keith Overly, Administrative and Financial Services Director, Kalamazoo
1993-94 Susan D. Kopinski, Financial Services Manager, Canton Charter Township
1992-93 James H. VanLeuven, Jr., Chief, Tax Administration, Oakland County
1991-92 Herbert V. Herriman, Finance Director, Calhoun County
1990-91 James A. Stibitz, Jr., Finance Director, Muskegon Heights
1989-90 Marcel J. Pultorak, Deputy Finance Director and Budget Director, Dearborn
1988-89 John M. Lamerato, Deputy Director of Finance, Port Huron
1987-88* James G. Scharret, Director of Management and Budget, Southfield
1986-87 Stephen W. Duarte, Controller, Lansing
1985-86 Donald E. Johnson, Director of Finance, Birmingham
1984-85 Russell A. Larsen, Finance Director, Norton Shores
1983-84 Ellen West, Finance Officer, Grosse Pointe Shores and Grosse Pointe Township
1982-83* Ronald J. Briskey, Assistant Finance Director, Wayne County Road Commission
1981-82 Janet L. Lazar, Budget and Management Director, Lansing
1980-81 Girard Miller, Director of Fiscal Services, Southfield
1979-80 Mary Richardson, Treasurer, Zeeland
1978-79 Michael P. Tyler, Director of Finance, Berkley
1977-78* Frank Warden, Treasurer, East Lansing
1976-77 Nathan R. Tubergen, Controller, Ottawa County
1975-76 William N. Ringler, Finance Director and Treasurer, Mount Clemens
1974-75 John Wielsma, Controller/Clerk/Treasurer, East Grand Rapids
1973-74* John J. Lamerato, General Manager and Finance Director, Southeastern Oakland County Water and Incinerator Authority
1972-73 Bruce A. Seymore, CPA, Director of Finance, Port Huron
1971-72 Frederick G. Hornfisher, Comptroller/Assessor, Grosse Pointe Woods
1970-71* Victor C. Phillips, Finance Director, Midland
1969-70 Robert E. Janes, CPA, Finance Director, Saint Clair Shores
1968-69 Kenneth L. Courtney, Finance Director, Troy
1967-68 Robert E. Lilly, Vice Chairman, Oakland County Board of Auditors
1966-67 Robert W. Little, Director of Finance, Wayne
1965-66 Joseph B. Taylor, Auditor, Grand Rapids
1964-65* Philip E. Goodlander, Director of Finance, Saginaw
1963-64* Arthur W. Schell, Finance Director, Port Huron
1962-63 James G. Workman, Finance Director, Muskegon
1960-62 Gerald J. Lonergan, Comptroller, Grosse Pointe Woods and Lansing
1959-60* Sherwood J. Bennett, Controller, Macomb County
1958-59* Esley J. Rausch, Director of Finance, East Detroit
1957-58* Olney L. Craft, Director of Finance, Flint
1956-57* John W. Fonger, Director of Finance, Holland
1955-56* Lawrence M. Bailey, Controller, Lincoln Park
1954-55* Joseph M. Boos, Comptroller, Battle Creek
1952-54* Edward J. Nowak, Controller’s Accounting Director, Detroit
1951-52* Oscar Eckman, Finance Director, Saginaw
1950-51* Ira J. Kreger, Treasurer, Wyandotte
1949-50* Edward P. Riehl, Deputy Controller, Detroit
1948-49* John H. Webb, Treasurer, Lansing
1947-48* Lloyd G. Kirby, Finance Director, Flint
1946-47* George Nampa, Finance Director, Royal Oak
1944-45* Carl J. Faist, Finance Director, Saginaw
1943-44* Douglas Turnbull, Auditor, Kalamazoo
1942-43* Lilias F. Evans, Controller, Highland Park
1941-42* Fred A. Backstrom, Auditor, Muskegon
1940-41* Raymond J. Peters, Clerk, River Rouge
1939-40* Robert E. Sanderson, Comptroller, Lansing
1938-39* Lawrence J. LaCourse, Clerk, Wyandotte