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Video Challenge Resources

Published Jul 22, 2021

This is information that should help if you are planning to submit for the Day in the Life of a Finance Officer Video Challenge. Submissions are due September 3rd.

  • Record in landscape mode (not portrait). Hold your phone on its side if you are recording on a phone.
  • Position yourself nicely in the frame. Think of how news achors are framed.
  • Lighting;
    • Is your face well lit?
    • Can you easily face a light source?
    • Don't record with a bright light source behind you (like a bright window). 
  • Concision! try to make your point clear and focused
  • Not sure what to talk about? Consider these questions:
    • What would you tell your past self, coming out of college, about your current job?
    • What would you say to someone considering coming into the field?
    • What do you find the most rewarding about your job?
    • What does a typical day look like?
    • Did anyone share any sage advice with you earlier in your career?
  • Limit background noise (talking, wind, technology, cars driving by, etc.)
    • If the audio you record seems too soft, consider re-recording and getting closer to the device
  • Listen and watch before submitting your video
  • Yes, do your best.  But don’t be too concerned if there some areas of the video where you stumble through, etc.  Our video editor will help cleanup selected videos to “cherry pick” the best parts
  • Give 5 seconds after you start recording before talking, and let the video record for 5 seconds after you stop talking.
    • Look into the camera the entire time the video is recording
  • When complete, update your video(s), photo(s), etc. to Google Drive
    • When in the drive, create a new folder and label it with your name
      • Right click on the page and click NEW FOLDER. You will be prompted to name your folder.
    • Once created, open that folder and drag your files into that folder.
    • After you have uploaded the files, email that new files have been added. You can also use that address if you have challenges uploading