CPFO Engagement Credit Requirement

Published May 26, 2021

Starting in 2021 the GFOA has reduced the required CPFO CPE credits from 30 to 15 while adding a new requirement of 3 engagement credits.

This was discussed at the board level because we want to be able to support our members who have taken the time to earn their CPFO. We recognize that this is distinguished designation and that you have put much time and effort into earning and maintaining this designation.

The table shows eligible activities from GFOA’s website. (click to enlarge)

As the board reviewed this list we thought it might be helpful to provide you with a list of opportunities that will help you meet these requirements.

In the 3-point section we identified the following: 

  • Serve as Leadership for State/Provincial GFOA Association
    • Becoming a member of the MGFOA board of directors. This is a two year commitment, which can be extended to six years should you chose to follow the officer path. (2 years on the board, then 1 year each as Treasurer, Vice President, President, and finally Immediate Past President)
    • Becoming a member of one of MGFOA’s standing committees: Accounting Standards, Legislative, Mentoring/Membership, Professional Development, Technology Resource. Committee generally meet once a month.
    • Creating and leading a Front Porch Forum. We are looking at the idea of starting remote forums, where people can participate via Zoom. This could be a partnership where a few of you create a forum and take turns hosting. Please reach out to the Board if this is something you would like to pursue.

In the 2-point section we identified the following:

  • Serve on a Local Conference Committee
    • Annually we have our Spring Seminar and Fall Institute that will provide opportunities for our CPFO’s. Historically, the committees have been comprised solely of existing board members, however we are opening this up to having participation from membership as well in order to provide an opportunity for our CPFO’s to earn credit.
  • Speak at Other Conference on Public Finance
    • For those of you who have an interest in presenting, we can discuss opportunities to present at Spring and/or Fall Institute depending on the topic.

GFOA said they may broaden their list based on suggestions from CPFOs. One thing that we didn’t see on this list specifically is participation in a local GFOA standing committee. We think this would be a great addition to the list and will further the GFOA’s mission of engagement. If you would like to see this added to the list, I suggest you reach out to GFOA and see if it can be added.

Below is a discussion with the GFOA on the topic: