Membership Categories/Fees

The membership year runs Ocober 1 - September 30. Dues are not pro-rated based on when a member joins / renews.

Membership Categories

Public Sector Member
A public official or employee, elected or appointed, engaged by a federal, state or local government within Michigan, in any position relating to public finance, accounting, auditing, budgeting, reporting, treasury, or in another fiscal capacity.

Membership fee $120.00 when completing application online

Associate Member
Persons not eligible for other memberships, but who are interested in the principles or practices of governmental accounting, auditing, budgeting, reporting, treasury, and other areas of public finance and who subscribe to the objectives of the association.

Membership fee $155.00 when completing application online

Student Member
Students whose primary occupation is full-time attendance – as defined by the institution - at an accredited college or university.

Membership fee  $15.00 when completing application online

Retired Member
A former member who is no longer employed or seeking employment in governmental work or providing or seeking to provide services to government clients.

Membership fee  $15.00 when completing application online

Honorary Life Member   -  No Charge

Membership is limited to a specific person or position only, Be sure to indicate the person's name or position for which this membership is intended.

For answers to membership questions, please contact or by phone at (231) 947-0882.