Communication Plan

The Michigan Government Finance Officers Association (MGFOA) believes that it is important to provide timely and relevant information to its members and stakeholders and believes that there are many avenues in communicating that information. The purpose of the Electronic Communication Plan is to provide guidance on the appropriate methods that should be used to communicate the information to the organization. Such communication delivery methods include:

  • MGFOA Website
  • MGFOA Twitter Account
  • MGFOA Linked-In Account
  • Email

As such, the MGFOA has developed and is committed to maintaining an Electronic Communication Plan. The objective of the Electronic Communication Plan is to provide the MGFOA with a plan of action to adequately inform the MGFOA members and future members. This document will be reviewed annually and updated as needed, as a result of continuous process improvement efforts across the MGFOA. Lessons learned as a result of continuing Electronic Communication Plan efforts will be captured and incorporated into subsequent versions of the plan, going forward.