Executive Director

Position Summary

This position is intended to administer the operations of the Michigan Government Finance Officers Association (MGFOA); manage and coordinate MGFOA programs; monitor and comply with the MGFOA budget; foster member growth and development and maintain member satisfaction with the MGFOA; represent and function as a liaison for the MGFOA in its interactions with agencies, governmental bodies, professional associations and other groups.

Provide contract administration (conference planners, printers, etc.) including recommending contractors based on merit and ability to fulfill contract provisions and coordinating contractor activities to meet deadlines. Monitor and control delegated work appropriately. Assure contractors comply with MGFOA Bylaws and with Board of Directors approved policies and procedures.

Work with the MGFOA Board of Directors, committees, and members to maintain and enhance the MGFOA’s reputation as a premier public finance professional association.

Report to the MGFOA Board of Directors and work directly with the MGFOA President to carry out the Board of Directors’ goals and priorities. Performance to be evaluated by the Board of Directors.


  • Comply with all Board of Director approved policies and procedures
  • Provide advice and direction, where appropriate, to the Board of Directors and Committees
  • Regularly attend and participate in Board of Directors’ meetings and full membership meetings
  • Attend annually, one meeting of each Committee, if practical
  • Respond to all members’ concerns and inquiries
  • Coordinate all MGFOA publications including Website content
  • Oversee maintenance of MGFOA accounting records; review Treasurer’s financial reports, providing assistance with reconciliations


  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university
  • Five years management experience in governmental finance or related field