Payment Procedures

Committee charges – charges initiated by a committee or member – generally conferences, training or committee meetings.

    1. Approval of invoices for committee charges incurred should be handled/initiated at the committee level, using the MGFOA Request for Check form as a routing/approval document.
    2. All invoices should be forwarded to the committee secretary or other appropriate person for verification. This includes charges for conferences including room rental, food, speaker fees, material charges, etc.
    3. There should be communication with the appropriate representative working the particular committee meeting, training session or other event to the accuracy of the charges making sure that charges billed were indeed correct and substantiated (dates, quantities, unit prices, audio visual and special requests, etc.).
    4. After the representative provides confirmation, the committee secretary should then approve/sign the Request for Check form and invoice on behalf of the committee.
    5. The approved, original invoice should be forwarded on a timely basis to the MGFOA Board Treasurer for payment. The specific information above should be provided to the Board Treasurer allowing the proper classification of expenditures.

General administrative charges -
The MGFOA Board Treasurer will approve and pay those bills with which they are familiar, generally regular monthly charges and those initiated by Meetings Up North. Any questions would be addressed to the Meetings Up North. The procedures discussed above should be followed.

Other miscellaneous charges -
Other charges should be approved by an officer, board member or appropriate official following the procedures noted above, including the MGFOA Request for Check routing form.